Bearing Suppliers in South Africa


Emergency Breakdown Services

In addition to Free Delivery we also provide our customers with a 24 Hour Breakdown service. We know that Time Costs Money and downtime can run circles in a Manufacturers product output and profit margin.

Free Delivery

We believe that simply providing a good product is not enough. To truely being a market leader that product needs to be coupled with excellent service: both pre-sales as well as after sales service. For this reason we offer all our clients free delivery of any products they purchase.

Technical Expertise
With more than 15 years of experience in the Bearing Industry, our staff are ready to assist with any of your technical queries.
Quality Products
Bearing Resources stocks and sells only the best quality products on the market. Customers can be rest assured that any item purchased from us is accompanied with the Bearing Resources Stamp of Quality.
Customer Value
Here at Bearing Resources simply placing a product on the markey isn’t enough. We endeavour to make a product available at the best possible price. Further, we couple this with all the addon service mentioned above to provide our cutsomers with a Quality Product at the Best Price along with all the extra Customer Value you could imagine.
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