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Industrial Gearboxes

Gear reducers are used in all industries; they reduce speed and increase torque. You will find thembetween the prime mover (i.e.: electric motor, gas, diesel or steam engine, etc.) and the driven equipment: conveyors, mills, paper machines, elevators, screws, agitators, etc.).

Bearings Resources are stockist and distributors of gearboxes. A wide range of gearboxes which include worm gearboxes, inline, planetary, helical bevel, parallel shaft mounted gearboxes, planetary gearboxes, etc. Whatever the application may be we have a solution for you.

• Inline Gearboxes
• Bevel Helical Gearboxes
• Long Parallel Shaft Mounted Gearboxes
• Parrallel Shaft Mounted Gearboxes
• Right Angle Gearboxes – Worm Tyoe
• Mechanical Variators
• Hydraulic Variators
• Planetary Type Gearboxes
• Repair of Gearboxes
• Shaft Mounted Speed Reducers with all accessories

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