Bearing Suppliers in South Africa


Tools are used on a day to day basis, be it in the work environment or in the household.

The right tool makes it easier to complete the task at hand, and that’s what we want.

To achieve by supplying you with the right tool for your application, from our wide range of king tony & microtech products.

• Automotive Tools
• Hand-socket-Accessories
• Screwdr-Key-Bits
• Tool-Storage & Tool system Sets
• Tool-Sets-Toolboxes
• Hand-Tools
• Cutting and drilling Accessories
• Garage-Equipment
• Machinery
• Measuring Equipment
• Pliers
• Pneumatic-Tools
• Spray-Guns-Equipment
• Striking-Tools
• Wrenches
• Impact Socket and Accessories
• Torque Controllers and Multipliers
• Cutting and Sawing
• Hammers and Striking Tools
• Workshop Tools
• Power Tools
• Bicylcle Tools

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