Bearing Suppliers in South Africa

Power Transmissions

In mechanical Engineering, Power Transmission is harnessing the mechanical elements and setting them to work. Power transmission elements can vary from Screws, Wedge Belts, Pulleys, Vee Belts, Cam Belts, Locking Elements, Sprockets, Tensioners, Chains, hydraulics, Motors, and more…. depending on application and design.

Bearing Resources stocks a wide range of power transmission items which includes taper lock bushes, sprockets, chains, locking elements, couplings, conveyor belting, pulleys and much more.


• Taper Lock Sprockets
• Pilot Bored Sprockets
• Plate Wheel Sprockets
• Conveyor Sprockets
• Special Sprockets Manufactured according to client requirements

Belts And Pulleys

• Vee Belts
• Wedge Belts
• Conveyor Belts
• Transmission Belts
• Double Sided Vee Belts
• HTD Timing Belts
• Poly Cord Belts
• Poly Vee Belts
• Timing Belts
• Variable Speed Belts
• Alluminium Pulleys
• Timing Pulleys
• Taper Lock Pulleys
• Variable Speed Pulleys


• Tyre Couplings
• HRC Couplings
• Jaw Couplings
• Rigid Couplings
• Disc Couplings
• Grid Couplings
• Gear Couplings
• Fluid Couplings
• Pump Couplings
• Elastic Couplings
• Disc Couplings

Shaft Fixing

• Taper Lock Bushes
• Weld on Hubs
• Bolt on Hubs
• Locking Elements

Conveyor Rollers & Idlers

• Manufacture of Conveyor Rollers * Steel *HDPE *Impact * Segmented
• Head and Tail Pulleys
• Troughing Frames
• Return Frames
• Trainers (Troughing & Return)
• Drop Brackets
• V Returns

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